Lubchem TubeFoam – Fin Fan Cleaning System

The Lubchem TubeFoam cleaning method restores cooling efficiency by removing deposits from the surfaces of air fin coolers that inhibit heat transfer rates. By removing deposits that inhibit heat transfer rates, processes and engines operate cooler with increased efficiency and reduced downtime. This unique cleaning method minimizes chemical requirements by keeping the chemical in place on the deposit long enough for the active ingredients to penetrate and remove the deposits from the fin fan coils. The TubeFoam system cleans without the use of damaging high-pressure washing or internal pressurization of the coils.


  • Jacket Water / Oil Coolers
  • Evaporator Overhead coolers
  • Glycol and Amine Cooler
  • Still Overhead Coolers
  • Dehydrator Coolers
  • Gas Coolers & Compressor Coolers

The TubeFoam Cleaning System consists of specialized chemicals and equipment. The TubeFoam pumping system is used to form and inject a dense heavy “shaving cream like” foam into and around the fin fan coils. The chemical foam dissipates slowly while removing the deposits from the fin surface. This system is designed to chemically remove accumulations of organic and inorganic deposits such as oils, calcium, silica and other deposits.