OPUS Energy Solutions is a products and services provider to the resources sector that is focused on valve Integrity lubricants and specialty chemicals.

Located in Perth, Western Australia, OPUS Energy Solutions is the distributor for Lubchem Inc Products and Chemicals in Australia, Papua New Guinea & New Zealand. OPUS Energy Solutions is primarily a distributor of highly viscous Valve Lubricants and Sealants that are injected in API6A Wellhead Gate Valves at high rates using High Pressure / High Flow rate grease injection pumps. These highly viscous Valve Lubricants and Sealants can also be used for API6D Plug & Ball Valves. We also provide ‘On Line Leak Sealing’ and Preventative Maintenance services for all types lubricated valves, especially valves used in the oil, gas, petrochemical and geothermal industry.